Edson Tesla Supercharger Open for Business [Alberta]

Edson Supercharger

Over the last 2 weeks, the Tesla team has been working to activate as many sites as possible in order to get ahead (just!) of their Q3 estimates.

Edson unfortunately did not make it onto that list, but at least it has been confirmed open on the first day of the 4th quarter! User Krs1-Yeg on the Tesla Motors Club forum posted photos of his Model 3 charging at the new Supercharger located next to the Boston Pizza.

Six V3 stalls are now operational as well as two FLO DC Fast chargers, installed as part of the agreement Tesla has with Natural Resources Canada to obtain partial funding for the project.

It looks like other Superchargers could be activated very soon in the same sweep. Some of those locations include Jasper and Williams Lake (BC).

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