General Motors halts Super Cruise rollout, won’t be available in new cars until 2022

GM Super Cruise lane changes

General Motor’s Super Cruise, one of the biggest competitors to Tesla’s Autopilot, has hit a snag in the road. The company has confirmed the feature is no longer being included in new cars and is halting its rollout due to the current semiconductor chip shortage.

Many drivers and automotive publications who used the automated driving system have ranked it highly. Super Cruise was also one of the main selling feature for the upcoming Cadillac Escalade SUV.

As per a GM spokesperson, the company is not releasing Super Cruise to any vehicles. Even the CT4 and the CT5, which were to release with Super Cruise will not have it.

Instead, the cars will get the feature likely in the first half of 2022.

 “The semiconductor shortage resulted in us postponing the full launch of Super Cruise in our sedans until model year 2022,” a spokesperson said. “Now, the 2022 CT4s and CT5s will be available with Super Cruise in the first half of next year,” a GM spokesperson told CNET.

GM has vast plans for Super Cruise. This latest setback is not good news for those looking forward to the highly anticipated technology.

However, unlike Tesla’s Autopilot, we should note that users can only use Super Cruise on pre-mapped highways.

Even with this limitation, Consumer Reports awarded GM and Super Cruise with the best active driving assistance system in the market last year.

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