Tesla surpasses 10,000 Supercharger stalls in Europe

Credit: Tesla

Tesla’s Supercharger network in Europe has grown significantly over the last several months and there are now over 10,000 Supercharger stalls at nearly 900 stations in 30 countries across the continent.

The feat was recently achieved thanks to six new Supercharger stations opening over the past few weeks, adding more than 100 stalls in France, Spain, Belgium, Holland, and Germany.

According to a Tesla spokesperson, nearly one fifth of the Supercharger stalls in Europe have been added in the first nine months of 2022 alone.

The European country with the most number of Supercharger stalls is Germany, with more than 1,900 stalls over 144 locations. France is not far behind in second place with 1,500 stalls, while the world leader in electric vehicle (EV) adoption Norway has the third largest Supercharger network in Europe with more than 1,400 stalls.

Tesla also recently announced that the United Kingdom and Ireland were home to 1,000 Supercharger stalls at more than 100 locations.

Europe is also home to the automaker’s Non-Tesla Supercharger pilot program, where select stations are available to owners of all EVs. According to Tesla there are now 14 different countries participating in the program, providing more than 320 Superchargers with more than 4,600 stalls to all EVs.

This program also gives Tesla the title of having the largest public fast charging network (150kW+) in Europe.

Showing how effective the Supercharger network is at allowing EV owners to go on road trips, Tesla says that one third of all Tesla owners in Europe plugged in at a Supercharger outside their home country this summer. Additionally, about 80% of Tesla drivers in Europe used a Supercharger during the summer.

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