Tesla lowers Supercharger prices in Canada [Update]

Tesla has adjusted its Supercharger pricing in Canada, lowering prices at stations across Canada this week.

Last year Tesla switched to kWh pricing in Canada, billing owners by the amount of energy they consume, rather than for how long they are plugged in for. While the new billing method is a fairer way to charge customers, it resulted in most owners seeing an increase in the cost of their Supercharger sessions, with some stations priced above $0.70/kWh in places like Ontario.

On the other hand, prices at some stations on the west coast in British Columbia were lower, bottoming out as $0.13/kWh.

On Monday Tesla posted a message on the in-car navigation alerting owners that Supercharger pricing was going to be adjusted at midnight, leading many to fear prices were going to increase again. Fortunately, Tesla has instead lowered prices, but seemingly not at all stations.

Some of our readers have let us know that stations in Ontario have seen a drop in prices. For example, Stephen says the Pickering and Scarborough Superchargers have gone from $0.53/kWh & $0.55/kWh to $0.45 and $0.47 respectively.

Credit: Stephen

Another one of our readers, Uday Chandar, says the new Vaughan Supercharger on Major Mackenzie Drive West has dropped from $0.50/kWh to $0.46.

We have also seen reports that in Manitoba all stations across the province have dropped from $0.59/kWh to $0.51.

UPDATE #1 10:29am PT: The Regina Supercharger has dropped $0.04, according to X user Waldo.

Supercharger pricing is difficult to track since the prices are only available through the mobile app or the in-car navigation. If your local station has also seen a price change, let us know in the comments below or email us at tips@driveteslacanada.ca.

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