Tesla Supercharges have 2nd strongest quarter in Q2

Supercharger Shenzen 2
Image via @JayinShanghai /Twitter

Tesla released their quarterly results, and for their Supercharging network, they were great. In the second-ever highest quarter, Tesla reported 267 new stations and 2,385 new individual connectors.

Tesla’s supercharging network is the strongest in the world. It consists of 2,966 stations, 26,900 individual connectors and over 9.1 connectors per station average. If all the stalls were to be on and powering vehicles, the entire network would be using 2.7 GW of power.

This expanded network is in direct support of Tesla’s goal to expand the maximum power of the superchargers. The latest Tesla models can currently accept up to 250 kW power, with the new V3 Superchargers. However, the company notes that they think the Superchargers can increase the peak output to 300 kW.

In addition, Tesla is now exploring the possibilities of expanding the network outside of Tesla’s. However, the change would be gradual to non-Tesla EV’s and the project is set to start later in 2021. The idea is that allowing non-Tesla’s to charge will improve Tesla’s profitability and thus will enable the company to expand the network further.

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