JSX to become first air carrier to adopt Starlink internet inflight

JSX announced that the company would be the first airline to offer Starlink WiFi on their flights.

The company will make it free for those flying with the independent air carrier.

JSX did not confirm when Starlink WiFi would launch, but it did note it would be this year.

The company released a short video on Twitter about the announcement.

JSX is an independent air carrier operating in Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, Texas and New York.

The company flies a fleet of Embraer aircraft that seats 30 passengers. They fly the

  • ERJ-135 LR
  • ERJ-135 ER
  • ERJ-145LR

Unlike a traditional airline, JSX uses private jet terminals for its service. The service is a little more expensive than a standard plane ticket, but it is a little higher class.

With each JSX ticket, you get

  • Business-class legroom
  • Free snacks and drinks
  • Two free checked bags with your ticket
  • Contact-less check-in
  • and soon Starlink WiFi

For those looking to fly with JSX, you can book with them or through JetBlue as the company has a code-sharing agreement.

JetBlue and Qatar Airways are both minority shareholders in the company.

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