SpaceX now shows Starlink speed estimates for your area before ordering

If you are thinking of switching to Starlink and have been curious about the estimated internet speeds in your area, you can now check on the Starlink map which shows estimated download and upload speeds and latency by province and territory in Canada and by state in the US.

To access the map, visit, and click on ‘Availability in the top left corner to open the drop down menu where you can select Download Speed, Upload Speed, or Latency. SpaceX has just added the feature this week, and some of the estimated speeds are lightning-quick across the Starlink network. (via PCMag)

Across Canada, the estimations as of this morning are as follows:

Province/Territory Download Upload
British Columbia 61-161 Mbps 12-22 Mbps
Alberta 41-124 Mbps 9-18 Mbps
Saskatchewan 48-120 Mbps 10-18 Mbps
Manitoba 53-135 Mbps 10-19 Mbps
Ontario 29-116 Mbps 8-17 Mbps
Quebec 55-183 Mbps 11-23 Mbps
New Brunswick 74-169 Mbps 12-21 Mbps
Prince Edward Island 93-187 Mbps 14-23 Mbps
Nova Scotia 89-183 Mbps 13-23 Mbps
Newfoundland and Labrador 144-232 Mbps 17-30 Mbps
Yukon 90-179 Mbps 13-25 Mbps
Northwest Territories 103-205 Mbps 16-32 Mbps
Nunavut 76-195 Mbps 14-30 Mbps

In terms of speed, Newfoundland and Northwest Territories lead the country. In contrast, Ontario is the worst-performing province in terms of both upload and download.

Speeds in Canada seem to generally beat out our southern neighbours, with the south of the US facing the worst speeds in North America, with median download speeds of between 25-50 Mbps.

In terms of how SpaceX has calculated the speeds, the Starlink site notes:

Metrics range from 20th to 80th percentile for the ‘Standard’ service plan only, during local peak hours, and are refreshed monthly. Map coloring is based on the median for each metric. These metrics are not guaranteed and will vary based on geography, time of day, Wi-Fi performance, and other factors.

This is not an exact science but it can provide you with some clarity on how Starlink will perform in your general area before you make the switch from your current provider.

For rural Canadians, SpaceX is still offering a deal where you can purchase the Starlink hardware for just $199, compared to the regular price of $759. That deal will end on September 30.

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