Rivian’s Amazon delivery vans spotted testing in Detroit, Michigan

Amazon has expanded testing of their Rivian electric delivery vans to Michigan, where at least three have been spotted delivering packages on local roads this month.

The most recent sighting was in Detriot’s Royal Oak neighbourhood, where the Rivian van was being driven by an Amazon employee. Riding shotgun was a Rivian engineer, similar to what was seen in the very first public sighting in Los Angeles late last year.

According to the engineer, the vans being tested in the state were built at the automaker’s Plymouth engineering and design center in Michigan.

Amazon announced earlier this year it plans to test the electric delivery vans in 16 different cities across the United States before deploying as many as 10,000 by next year. The company hopes to have their entire fleet of 100,000 vehicles be electric by 2030.

Through their testing Amazon has been able to deliver more than 20 million packages in North America and Europe using the Rivian vans.

Source: AutoNews

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