SpaceX starts selling Starlink kits at Costco in Japan

SpaceX is working to make Starlink more accessible to consumers, and in its latest attempt to do that is now selling Starlink hardware at Costco in Japan, making it the first time the company has attempted to sell its hardware in a brick & mortar store.

According to a report from Impress, the Starlink kits were added to the Costco store in Kadoma City, Osaka Prefecture on August 24, 2023. To help kick off the launch the standard Starlink kit is being sold for ¥36,500 (C$340/US$250), half the regular price until September 11, after which it will increase to the regular price of ¥73,000 (C$680/US$500). (via @SERobinsonJr)

Additionally, customers will receive a perk of ¥13,200 (C$123/US$91) credit that is applicable towards Starlink’s monthly usage fee. This credit can be used for both the “Residential” service designed for fixed locations, and the “ROAM” service that provides usage flexibility from anywhere.

Currently the Starlink hardware is only available at this particular Costco, but it will soon expand to another 32 stores across the country.

As noted previously, this is the first time Starlink hardware has been sold in a brick & mortar store, but not the first time it has been sold by someone other than SpaceX. The company has also partnered with Home Depot and Best Buy in the US, but those Starlink kits can only be purchased online.

Starlink kits now available at Best Buy in the US

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