Mercedes-Benz charges ahead with global EV charging network, first stations set to debut this fall

Mercedes-Benz has announced it will open its first trio of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations this fall. These charging stations will form part of the Mercedes-Benz Charging Hubs network, and is separate from the automaker’s deal with Tesla to access the Supercharger network.

According to Mercedes-Benz the first Charging Hubs are set to debut in Atlanta, Chengdu (China), and Mannheim (Germany) this October. These will be the first of many as the automaker has its sights set on expanding the network to include more than 2,000 charging points by the end of 2024, with an ultimate goal of establishing over 2,000 Charging Hubs featuring a 10,000 charging points by the close of the decade.

These Charging Hubs will feature the latest in charging technology and be capable of charging at speeds up to 400 kW. They will also offer Plug & Charge, allowing Mercedes-Benz owners to automate the charging and payment process simply by plugging in their vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz will select the Charging Hub locations to guarantee a seamless and safe experience for EV owners. Stations are strategically placed at high-traffic zones and select Mercedes-Benz dealerships, providing not only charging facilities but also nearby amenities like refreshments, snacks, and restrooms. Stations will also be quipped with surveillance cameras for safety, some locations feature innovative intelligent light poles that provide real-time information on charging availability and vehicle status. Canopies at certain Charging Hubs will also offer protection against inclement weather.

The Mercedes-Benz Charging Network won’t be limited to Mercedes-Benz owners, as EV drivers of all brands will be able to plug in. Mercedes-Benz owners will however enjoy special privileges like being able to reserve charging points via the Mercedes-Benz me Charge service to minimize wait times. Additionally, the charging stations are designed to integrate with Mercedes-Benz’s Navigation with Electric Intelligence, aiding users in locating the optimal charging route.

Mercedes launching new EV charging network; to kick off in North America this year

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