Video shows several Cybertrucks with open frunks inside Giga Texas

A few weeks ago a photo was leaked from inside Giga Texas showing two Cybertrucks parked somewhere inside the massive facility with their frunks open. When the photo was taken the frunk tub liner was missing, and from what we could see the frunk looked quite small. That was followed up by a drone flyover of the factory late last week, revealing a newly built Cybertruck with its frunk tub liner sitting in the bed of the electric pickup truck, giving us a better idea of the frunk’s size.

Now another video has been leaked from inside Giga Texas giving us our best look yet at the Cybertruck’s frunk. Almost as if Tesla wanted us to see, the video shows several Cybertrucks with their frunks open, and this time with the frunk tub liner installed.

The video, shared on TikTok by randomness2646, shows at least five newly built Cybertrucks.

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As we said in our article last week, the frunk appears to be bigger than we thought it would based on the last leaked photo, but still not as big as the frunk in the Ford F-150 Lightning. While the Cybertruck’s frunk might not be as deep in comparison, it is definitely wider than the Lightning’s, and looks like it could handle a full size golf bag.

The frunk details are the obvious focus of the video, but there is also the fact that these could be vehicles destined for customers. As we can see the front seats are covered in plastic for protection, and the caption of the video reads “cyber truck orders are being done.”

Elon Musk has previously said he hopes to hold a delivery event at the end of Q3, which could be as soon as just a few weeks away. It is at the delivery event that we will finally hear the official specs and pricing of the Cybertruck.

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