SpaceX launches Starshield, a secured satellite network for government clients

SpaceX has launched a new service dedicated to government clients called Starshield.

Starlink will continue to serve private and commercial customers. But government entities will be able to sign up for a different package, Starshield.

The new offering has several differentiating features, focusing on earth observation, communication, and hosted payloads.

While Starlink is encrypted end-to-end, Starshield promises even more security with its high-assurance cryptographic capacity. This means clients can host highly sensitive payloads and process data at the security level governments require.

Starshield satellites can accommodate a wide variety of payloads thanks to their versatility. They can also integrate Starlink satellites for clients wishing to run both.

SpaceX touts its end-to-end systems that allow rapid deployment of capabilities at scale and the most affordable prices in the industry. Its Falcon 9 rocket has completed more than 50 launches this year.

The company has proven its abilities by working with the US Department of Defense and other partners. Militaries worldwide are already considering SpaceX’s Starlink to support their operations, including the US, which is testing it in the Arcticthe UK testing in remote areasUkraine, and Japan.

SpaceX recently got the FCC’s approval for 7,500 next-gen Starlink satellites.

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