SpaceX postpones Starlink data cap to February 2023

SpaceX attracted many Starlink users with the promise of unlimited data usage. However, last month, SpaceX began informing users of an incoming data cap through a new Fair Use Policy that was supposed to start in December 2022.

This could have gone better with its clients, who were used to consuming as much data as they needed. Now, a Redditor has posted a screenshot from the Starlink app that indicates the data cap implementation has been postponed to February 2023.

The message also confirms the data cap applies to Starlink Business and Maritime users.

Under “What is Starlink’s Fair Use Policy” in the Support section of the Starlink mobile app, Reddit user MrPewty found a message that reads:

“To ensure our costumer base is not negatively impacted by a small number of users consuming unusually high amounts of data, the Starlink team is implementing a Fair Use policy for Residential customers in the US and Canada and all Business/Maritime customers beginning February 2023.”

The cap applies to residential and business owners alike, despite the latter paying significantly more; CA$635 or US$500 compared to CA$140 or US$110. Both categories would see a soft cap after exceeding 1TB a month, which would reduce connection speed.

Users would be downgraded from “Priority Access” to “Basic Access” until the end of the month when the cycle resets.

While some Starlink users still chafe at the thought of their data being throttled, they now have a few months to enjoy unlimited data connection. It is also to be noted that the data cap applies to Maritime customers too.

Ukrainian users are also facing price increases for monthly subscription and receivers.

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