SpaceX is selling insider shares indicating $140 billion valuation: Report

Falcon 9 rocket, courtesy of SpaceX
Credit: SpaceX

SpaceX is currently going through the process of selling insider shares in Space Exploration Technologies Corp.

According to a report by Bloomberg the company is offering the shares at $77 apiece, putting the company’s valuation at around $140 billion.

Per the sources that revealed the share sale to Bloomberg, SpaceX has had discussions on a range of prices for the valuation but ended up falling on the $140 billion number.

In July, PitchBook estimated that the company was worth $127 billion, so the $140 billion is not an out-of-left-field valuation, especially when you consider the sizeable government contracts the company has with NASA.

It is a big number that makes you think that SpaceX might be closer to spinning off Starlink as a separate company then ever before.

Musk floated the idea back in June 2021 but confirmed that Starlink would need to be in a position with a more predictable cash flow.

However, SpaceX did not confirm the share price, nor if the company was selling shares to employees.

They also did not confirm if they would complete a primary funding round at this evaluation or not.

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