Jeep Avenger debuts at Paris Motor Show, but still not coming to North America

Stellantis has revealed more details about its upcoming electric Jeep Avenger at the Paris Motor Show, but the small electric SUV is still not coming to North America, as it will only be sold in Europe, South America, and Japan.

According to Jeep the all-electric front-wheel drive (FWD) Avenger will be powered by a relatively small 54kWh battery pack, which will give it 400km (249 miles) of range based on the optimistic WLTP rating schedule used in Europe.

Even though it is not coming to this side of the pond, that would equate to about 350km or less under EPA testing protocols.

The 400km rating is a combined city and highway rating. If you plan to use it only for city driving, Jeep highlights that it could travel as far as 550km (342 miles) on a single charge, indicating it is not very efficient at highway speeds.


When it comes to recharging that battery, charging speed tops out at 100kW at DC fast chargers. Given the size of the battery, the relatively low charge rate will still take the battery from 20% to 80% in about 24 minutes.

The design of the interior of the two-door Avenger is simplistic with a 10.25″ center display, with a few buttons and knobs here and there. The Avenger will come with optional heated and massage seats, as well as some driver-assistance software like adaptive cruise control and lane centering.

The biggest piece of the puzzle, the price of the Avenger, has not yet been released. However, customers can place a pre-order for one starting today.

Jeep has announced plans for four electric versions of the sports utility vehicle, two of which will be coming to North America.

The new all-electric line-up in North America will include the Grand Wagoneer S and a Wrangler-inspired off-road vehicle called the Recon. Outside of North America will be the Avenger, and a larger Jeep Renegade.

You can read more about these models below.

Jeep announces new EV strategy with four new models in North America and Europe



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