SpaceX will keep funding Starlink in Ukraine for now

starlink ukraine
Credit: @FedorovMykhailo | Twitter

Elon Musk confirmed via Twitter that SpaceX would continue to fund Starlink internet services in Ukraine.

Musk tweeted the change in position earlier this morning:

Last month, Musk requested that the United States Department of Defense start funding internet services in Ukraine.

However, the request seems to have gone unanswered.

Musk says the Ukrainian Starlink programme costs around $20 million per month.

So far, SpaceX has spent around $80 to $100 million.

Musk noted on Twitter late last night that Starlink is the sole communication line the Ukrainian military can use.

Only weeks after the invasion of Ukraine started, SpaceX stepped up to provide free Starlink services to Ukraine.

However, it is not sustainable, with $20 million per month and countless people’s hours spent on the service.

Even with the deep pockets of SpaceX, $20 million per month is a drain.

The easiest solution would be for a government or multilateral organization to pick up the bill, but we have not yet seen much action.

A potential solution that is a bit outside the box would be a request to the European Union instead of the United States to fund Starlink services.

Ukraine, of course, applied for membership to the European Union in February and is currently targeting entry in 2024.

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