Number of Starlink for RV subscribers grows to over 100,000

In May SpaceX announced a new Starlink package called Starlink for RV, which allowed subscribers to take Dishy McFlatface on the road with them and access the satellite internet service in locations outside of their home address.

The option to have a portable Starlink connection has proven extremely popular. Within less than one month more than 30,000 customers had signed up for the new service. That wasn’t just an initial surge as subscriber growth has been fairly steady in the months since then.

According to an update from SpaceX on Wednesday afternoon, there are now over 100,000 Starlink for RV customers.

Starlink for RV is essentially the same as the regular Starlink subscription, with of course the exception being that you have roaming capability. This was pointed out by CEO Elon Musk who said the company should probably come up with a different name for it as it is not restricted to recreational vehicle use.

There is a small premium to have that roaming capability. While the hardware still costs the same, the monthly subscription fee is slightly higher at $170 CAD instead of $140 CAD.

SpaceX has not provided a recent update on the total number of Starlink subscribers, but it is probably getting close to 1 million. Last month the company built its 1 millionth Starlink terminal at its production facility in Washington State.

Starlink is now available in over 40 countries around the world. The most recent addition was Japan, which is also the first country in Asia to have access to the service.

SpaceX activates Starlink service for the first time in Asia in Japan

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