Boutique cruise operator SeaDream Yacht Club installs SpaceX Starlink

SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet service is going places, and the latest is on a cruise. SeaDream Yacht Club, a boutique cruise operator, has installed the internet service on its ships, becoming the first in its industry to do so.

SpaceX wins court approval for FCC-approved Starlink deployment plan.

The cruise line added the satellites as part of a $10 million renovation project. The company operates two yachts, SeaDream I and II, with room for 56 couples and 95 crew members each. The yachts have been outfitted with Starlink for two months.

Andreas Brynestead of SeaDream was happy to see his company at the forefront of technology, saying:

“I am proud to announce that SeaDream is at the forefront of technology, becoming the first boutique travel line to implement Starlink on board. This innovation optimizes our guests’ experience by putting high-speed Internet at their fingertips—so they can stream their favorite entertainment, work remotely, and connect with friends and family back home. The small size of our yachts provides a distinct advantage, in that we can deliver a larger amount of Internet per person on board—quite possibly making us the fastest Internet on the seas. In the two short months since introducing Starlink, we have received remarkable positive feedback from guests and crew alike.”

Other sea-going superyachts that have enjoyed Starlink include Motor Yacht Loon. Royal Caribbean recently announced it was adding Starlink to its fleet of cruise ships.

Starlink Maritime users pay a one-time hardware cost of $10,000 and a monthly subscription fee of $5,000.

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