Tesla reassigns service workers to sales to prepare for end-of-quarter sales rush

Tesla service center

The end of the quarter is usually a busy time for Tesla. The world’s largest EV maker is getting ready for the upcoming crunch by reassigning its workers, as reported by Electrek. Some of them, though untrained, were drafted into servicing vehicles in an emergency response.

The workers are now going into sales, knowing that car delivery will pick up at the end of the quarter. Tesla is pushing to deliver as many cars as possible.

The company had faced a service crisis, with waiting times getting longer in some markets. CEO Elon Musk recently promised to pay more attention to its service to improve it.

Musk once said Tesla would change its pattern of accumulating deliveries at the end of the quarter. However, the pattern has not changed. And while some customers are reportedly trying to delay their orders into 2023 to qualify for the renewed EV tax credits, Tesla is sticking to the original contracts. It will cancel orders that delay unnecessarily.

Tesla has posted vacancies for Semi Service technician positions as it prepares to start Semi truck deliveries.