Amazon sends letter to FCC complaining about the size of Starlink’s next-generation satellite constellation

SpaceX is facing significant resistance over its second generation Starlink satellite constellation, and again the resistance is coming from a familiar foe – Amazon.

On Friday, Amazon complained to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in a letter about the size of Starlink’s second-generation network, saying the agency should only allow SpaceX to operate a “small subset” of the planned 30,000 satellite constellation.

In the letter, Amazon stated:

Granting a small subset of its nearly 30,000 satellite systems would offer SpaceX a path to begin deploying, while also providing the Commission time to carefully address the issues raised by its larger constellation. (via PCMag)

Amazon’s concerns are that a growing Starlink constellation will risk its satellite internet service. Amazon of course is planning to launch its satellite internet service in the coming years.

The letter does note that Amazon is not seeking for the FCC to deny SpaceX’s next-generation network.

[it] asks only for reasonable and targeted conditions designed to ensure that SpaceX’s nearly 30,000 satellites do not unduly interfere with Amazon’s planned deployment or foreclose future NGSO FSS systems from deploying.

Amazon is not alone in its concerns over SpaceX’s second-generation array. Multiple companies, including NASA, have submitted concerns to the FCC.

SpaceX did not provide a comment on the letter as of yet. However, the aerospace company hopes to launch its next generation of Starlink satellites with its new Starship craft once they receive all the necessary approvals.

Amazon calls on FCC to reject second-gen SpaceX Starlink plan

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