Tesla workers forced back to office struggle to find desks, battle weak Wi-Fi: Report

Elon Musk wants all remote Tesla workers back in the office, but there are a couple of problems; a lack of desks and inadequate Wi-Fi.

Tesla workers that want to continue to work remotely, instead of returning physically to the office, have been threatened to be dumped into the unemployment market by the CEO. However, when those that did return to their old offices, they were confronted with two problems; there were not enough desks for all of them, and the Wi-Fi was not strong enough for everybody to be connected at the same time. Even before they got inside the building, parking space was an issue.

The situation at Tesla’s Fremont factory in California was reported by The Information.

It was clear management did not properly plan the compulsory return to the office. Tesla’s workforce has doubled since 2019, before the pandemic, to close to 100,000 employees. It seems the company’s facilities did not expand at the same rate. In addition, Tesla reportedly converted some office space to other uses while the pandemic kept most workers at home.

Some employees who spoke to The Information said they were forced to park at the BART station and join a Tesla bus to the office. The crappy Wi-Fi prevented many from doing their work properly.

However, some desks might soon be free as Musk had declared the company would fire up to 10 percent of its salaried employees in the face of his bad feelings about the economy. Besides, the company is freezing new hires globally, so Tesla employees that survive the impending staff cuts may not jostle with new colleagues for working space.

Meanwhile, with Musk involved in a protracted takeover of Twitter, the remote workers at the social media company may start to brace up for a similar outcome.

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