SpaceX successfully launches four astronauts for ISS mission

SpaceX Crew Dragon

Late Wednesday night, SpaceX successfully launched four astronauts into orbit; the launch saw delays due to weather and medical issues.

NASA nor SpaceX confirmed what the medical delays were around, nor did they confirm which astronaut was having them. However, they did confirm that it was not related to COVID-19.

Three NASA astronauts and Germany’s Matthias Maurer were aboard the Dragon capsule heading to the International Space Station.

Maurer became the 600th person launched into orbit.

The NASA astronauts on the mission are Air Force Colonel Raja Chari, Dr Thomas Mashburn and Navy Lt. Commander Kayla Barron. Dr Mashburn will become the oldest person to live aboard the space station and perform a spacewalk at 61 years old.

The four astronauts are on a six-month mission at the International Space Station.

The launch marked the fourth SpaceX launch for NASA in the last year and a half and their fifth manned launch.

Earlier this week, SpaceX successfully brought back four astronauts from the space station completing their third space mission for NASA.

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