Tesla software update 2023.2.0.5 adds auto steering wheel heat, pulsating Sentry Mode headlights, and more [Release Notes]

Tesla has released their first software update of 2023 and while it doesn’t add as many features as the last update of 2022 (aka the holiday update), it is a decent start to the year. The update brings auto steering wheel heat, an update to how Sentry Mode works, and speed limit sign recognition for cars in Germany and Spain.

Auto Steering Wheel Heat

As we reported last week owners of cars with heated steering wheels can now control the temperature of the wheel. Instead of just an on and off setting, there is now an automated setting that adjusts the temperature to match that of the cabin. In other words, as the temperature of the cabin increases, the heat in the steering wheel decreases, just like how the auto setting for heated seats works.

Sentry Mode Lighting

After not making any changes to Sentry Mode for several years, Tesla has released a second enhancement for the built-in security feature in the last few months. One of the complaints with Sentry Mode is that the flashing headlights are annoying and bothersome to passersby, in particular neighbours for anyone who uses Sentry Mode in their driveway or outside their home. With this update the headlights are still used when Sentry Mode is triggered, but instead of flashing once they will now “softly pulse.”

According to the release notes the pulsating will continue for 60 seconds, or less if the vehicle is unlocked. We haven’t tried out the feature yet but 60 seconds sounds like a long time, so we are not sure if that is going to be less annoying than a single flash. Based on the release notes it does not appear as though there is an option to use Sentry Mode without any kind of headlight flash, something which has been a frequent request from owners.

Speed Assist

Speed Assist has been available in North America since 2020, but now it is available in Germany and Spain. Using the on-board cameras the vehicle will now detect and display speed limit signs in the driving visualization.

Here are the official release notes (via TeslaUpdates.org)

2023.2.0.5 Release Notes

steering wheel heatAuto Steering Wheel Heat

Set your steering wheel heater to regulate its temperature automatically based on the climate control set temperature. To access steering wheel heating controls, tap the temperature settings to bring up the climate control panel.


speed assistSpeed Assist

Speed Assist now leverages your car’s cameras to detect speed limit signs. This improves the accuracy of speed limit data on local roads and highways in select countries. Detected speed limit signs will be displayed in the driving visualization.

Now available in Germany and Spain.


sentry mode
Sentry Mode Lighting

When a threat is detected, Sentry Mode will softly pulse the headlights to indicate that your vehicle is recording video. The pulsing stops after 60 seconds or when the vehicle is unlocked.



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