Tesla updates Sentry Mode with new options in 2022.42.2 software update

Tesla will be introducing some enhancements to its Sentry Mode security feature in the 2022.42.2 software update. The update will allow owners to customize how the feature is activated and how much footage is recorded during an event.

Tesla introduced Sentry Mode back in 2019 through a free over-the-air (OTA) software update, which takes advantage of the car’s built-in cameras to keep a watch on the surroundings. If the cameras detect something happening near the car, the feature activates and records a short video clip.

While it has proven very useful in catching criminals in the act time and time again, it can also be overly sensitive and activate when someone simply walks near the vehicle.

With the 2022.42.2 software update, you will now be able to turn off camera-based detection, and instead rely on the vehicle’s other sensors to activate. According to Not A Tesla App, a recording will be triggered if an intrusion is detected (door opening, glass breaking etc.), or when the vehicle is tilted (e.g., from an impact).

Turning off camera-based detection will certainly reduce the number of triggered recordings, but could definitely miss things like your car being keyed, so we suggest only turning off camera-based detection if your car is parked in a high foot traffic area.

The update also allows you to specify the Sentry Mode clip length that is saved to your USB. From the settings it appears you will be able to increase or decrease the length in 1 minute increments.

Along with the Sentry Mode improvements, Tesla also added Thai language support in this release as the automaker plans to officially launch in that market next month.

Here are the 2022.42.2 release notes. (via Not A Tesla App)

Sentry Mode Improvements

Sentry Mode now allows for even greater customization, including:

– Camera-Based Detection, which allows users to disable use of cameras to detect threats.

– Sentry Mode Clip Length, which allows users to specify the length of the clip when a potential threat is detected.

To adjust these Sentry Mode settings, tap Controls > Safety> Sentry Mode.

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