Tesla installing automated EINES quality control robots at Fremont factory that are already in use at their other Gigafactories

Tesla has had their fair share of complaints when it comes to build quality and quality control, most notably at their first vehicle factory in Fremont, California. Complaints of panel gaps and paint issues were common, especially in the early days of the Model 3 production ramp, which CEO Elon Musk once described as “manufacturing hell.”

Build quality has improved at Fremont over the years, and build quality at Tesla’s newest factories like Giga Shanghai, Giga Berlin, and Giga Texas has never really been an issue. Part of the reason for that is Tesla’s use of automated quality control robots that scan vehicles as they are being built to detect certain deficiencies.

Now Tesla is adding those same robots to the Fremont factory. According to a permit titled “Automatic Inspection System” and filed with the City of Fremont this month, Tesla is installing “two new robots required to automate fascia inspection.” (via Teslarati)

These robots are made by a company called EINES, according to a source familiar with the plans that spoke with Drive Tesla. The company works with “automotive manufacturers worldwide, developing complex systems and software solutions for measurement, error detection and machine vision systems,” their website reads.

The robots are installed at various points along the production line, depending on what issues they are scanning for. These can range from wheel alignment issues, paint issues, panel gaps, and a whole lot more. Based on the permit description, it looks like Tesla will use them to scan and inspect vehicle fascia, which generally means a car’s front-end components like the headlights, front bumper, and other details.

Here is a video from EINES showing off their automated vision inspection systems and their various applications in an automotive factory. The video will begin at the part that talks about panel gaps and alignment measurements, which is what Tesla will be using them for at Fremont.

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