Tesla has made additional changes in 2022.24.1

With the latest release notes for Tesla 2022.24.1 hitting the web, we are seeing some exciting additions that could lead to changes down the line.

Interestingly, Tesla has now implemented the ability to use external SSD and USB drives for adding/removing games.

However, as per Twitter user greentheonly, it is not user-facing as of yet.

Many believe, including Twitter user Teslascope, that this would mean that Tesla is preparing for the upcoming Tesla “App Store,” which is tentatively releasing later this year.

In addition to these changes, we also see the following:

  • Model 3/Y and refresh Model S/X cloud drive profiles
  • North American refresh of Model S/X brake blending
  • Model 3/Y changeable position for blind spot camera
  • Model 3/Y and refresh Model S/X added silent alarm mode for sentry mode in North America, Korea and Brazil
  • Active traffic on route display
  • Model S/X refresh gets rear HVAC auto setting
  • Additional codecs: Theora, VPX
  • Code for adding 3rd party EVSE billing and display of billing information.
  • Recommended tire pressure will now be shown on the car status card
  • Finally, Portuguese navigation language will be added soon

At least to say, Tesla has been busy with software updates.

We are excited to see these in action, and we are sure there will be more Easter eggs found as the software rolls out.

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