Tesla’s holiday software update restores Santa Mode to its previous glory, and makes it even better

Tesla is well known for their easter eggs in their vehicles. Some of these easter eggs are hidden and left for creative owners to discover, like the Patsy easter egg.

Others are included in the Tesla Toybox, like Emissions Testing Mode and a perennial favourite, Santa Mode. Unfortunately Santa Mode has been reduced to a shell of its former self, with Santa’s sleigh only visible when the car is in park, and other cars no longer showing as reindeer.

The good news is not only has Tesla restored Santa Mode to its previous glory, they have also made it better with the 2020.48.26 holiday software update released yesterday.

With the upgrade, Santa has also upgraded his ride, which is now a brand new convertible Model 3 sleigh.

New Santa sleigh Model 3
Image via @chaserobertsonn /Twitter

We can now also enjoy his sleigh and reindeer when the car is in motion, and like when it was originally released other cars are back to displaying as reindeer.

Have you received the new holiday software update? Like we suspected yesterday, Tesla was unable to iron out all the bugs and had to split the update into two separate releases. Hopefully we will be seeing the next update early in the new year.

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