Tesla drops price of Full Self-Driving upgrade for EAP owners

Just over a month after increasing the price of the Full Self-Driving (FSD) package in the US after the release of FSD beta, Tesla has reduced the price of the upgrade, but only for certain owners.

Until February 2019, Tesla offered an optional upgrade called Enhanced Autopilot (EAP). The package included most of the features found in the FSD package today, like Auto Park and Smart Summon. The more recent additions however, like Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control are only available within FSD.

Since it had almost all the same features, it made the decision to pay several thousand dollars more to upgrade that much more difficult.

Now with less than a month to go until the end of the year, Tesla has discounted the price of the upgrade. According to several owners on the Tesla Model 3 Canadian Facebook group, the price has dropped from $6,700 CAD to $5,300 CAD.

EAP to FSD price drop
Image via Matthew Humes /Facebook

Owners in the US are reporting a similar discount, with the upgrade showing as $5,000 USD in their accounts, down from $7,000 USD previously.

After its demise in 2019, Tesla recently brought back EAP for a limited time in September, offering it at $5,300 CAD. Now combined with the upgrade to FSD, owners will pay the same $10,600 CAD they would have paid had they just purchased FSD.

It is unknown if this is a limited time offer. Tesla has provided discounts in the past, like in June when Musk agreed to lower the price of the upgrade for one week. Given that the price to upgrade to FSD from EAP is usually more expensive than buying FSD outright, which has been a frequent source of criticism, we’re hoping the discount is permanent.

Do you have EAP? Will you be purchasing the upgrade now with this discount? Let us know in the comments below.

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