Tesla voice assistant, Amazon Music, and more coming soon, source code reveals

The source code of the new spring software update reveals that Tesla has several more big items in the works, including a new voice assistant and the addition of a new music streaming service.

Tesla first previewed the spring software update last month through a post on X (formerly Twitter), highlighting many new features that would be included. Among these was a brand new user interface for cars with the AMD Ryzen chip, a hands-free trunk opening function, and more.

Now that the update, 2024.14.3, has started rolling out to owners, including in Canada, a well known member of the Tesla community, hacker @greentheonly, has taken a deep dive into its source code, and found several new and significant features are under development.

One of the biggest is a new “Tesla voice assistant” that will be narrated by the “Jenny Natural” voice from Microsoft. According to green the voice assistant is still in its early stages of development but will act much like other voice assistants and always be listening for a specific wake word, like “Alexa,” for Amazon’s Alexa.

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Another is the addition of Amazon Music as a streaming service, something that has been requested by many owners over the years. Green did not elaborate on how close Amazon Music was to being officially added.

Also coming soon are “restricted driver” profiles. These will allow owners to add additional restrictions on certain profiles, the exact details of which were not discovered, but the icon for these profiles will have “training wheels” attached, suggesting one use case might be for novice drivers.

Among the other items discovered by green is that Tesla could soon be eliminating a part soon – the driver’s seat occupancy sensor. Based on previous parts that have been removed from Tesla vehicles due to low utilization, Tesla may be thinking that there are other ways to know when someone is sitting in the driver’s seat, most likely the interior cabin camera.

You can read green’s full thread on X below.

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