First Canadian Tesla police car could be in small municipality on Vancouver Island

Residents of a small municipality on Vancouver Island could be the first in Canada to be arrested and hauled away in a Tesla Model 3 police car.

Oak Bay Police Chief Ray Bernoties announced this week his department has been approved to purchase their first electric police cruiser in 2021. To go along with the announcement on Twitter, Bernoties included what may be the best photoshopped Tesla police cruiser we have ever seen.

According to the police chief, the department already has an unmarked car used for administrative duties, but this new car will be the first to be used as a daily patrol vehicle.

A specific make or model hasn’t been decided upon yet, but Bernoties said they will consider all the unique needs of a police department when selecting one.

“The vehicle needs to be able to carry a great deal of gear, with extra racks, a computer [and] a thick plexiglass screen between the back seat and the front. However, we’re focused on not letting these challenges stop us from doing what we believe is the right thing,” he told Victoria News.

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With a population of less than 20,000 and being the second-least dangerous community in all of Canada, the police chief said the department wants to “show leadership” and make environmentally friendly decisions.

This won’t be their only electric police cruiser purchase, with Bernoties saying they plan to switch to electric when ever they need to replace one of their cruisers, which happens about once each year.

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