Tesla 2020.40.0.1 software update brings new Glovebox PIN and Bluetooth Priority features [Update]

Tesla’s latest software update 2020.40.0.1 has started to appear on a few vehicles, and it brings with it yet more new features long requested by owners.

UPDATE: A slightly later version of this software update, 2020.40.0.4, also includes Speed Assist coming to Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and activation of the heated charge port on the Model 3 and Model Y.

If you didn’t know, your Tesla has a ‘Valet Mode’ feature which restricts access to certain features if you were to hand control of your car to a valet. These restrictions include things like setting a reduced speed limit, and turning off access to your Homelink, Bluetooth and Wifi settings.

With the update, one feature included in Valet Mode that really should have been available from the beginning is now finally going to be available all the time.

Glovebox PIN

For decades most cars have had a traditional key lock on the glovebox, meant to protect the sometimes valuable documents inside of it from prying hands. But with Tesla’s buttonless glovebox that you can only open through the touchscreen, there was no way to lock it, until now.

According to the release notes, you can now restrict access to your glovebox by setting a 4-digit PIN. To turn on the feature, tap Controls > Safety & Security > Glovebox PIN.

Priority Bluetooth Device

The release notes also indicate a new “Priority Bluetooth Device” feature, which allows you to tell your car to try and connect to a certain Bluetooth device first.

The new feature is tied to a driver profile, so this should hopefully eliminate those frustrating times when you and your spouse get into the car, and the bluetooth connects to the passenger’s phone instead of the driver’s.

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