Tesla 2021.24 software update brings the long anticipated Car Wash Mode, Disney+, and more [Update]

The pace of software updates with more than just minor bug fixes and and improvements seems to be increasing.

Last week 2021.12.25.6 began deploying with a new game and some user interface (UI) design changes.

Now 2021.24 has made an appearance and with it brought a number of new and useful features, some of which have been requested by owners and promised to come by CEO Elon Musk.

2021.24 Release Notes

Car Wash Mode

First teased all the way back in 2019 during the promotional clip for the big V10 software update, Car Wash Mode has finally arrived.

According to the release notes, activating the feature closes all windows, locks the charge port door, and disables wipers, walk-away door locks and parking sensor chimes, as well as Sentry Mode.

If your local car wash is an automatic one with a conveyor belt, there is an additional ‘Free Roll’ option that shifts the car into neutral and prevents the parking brake from automatically being applied.

Mirror Auto Dim

A feature that will be loved by many, owners can now turn off the auto dimming side mirrors.

The auto dimming mirrors have long been a point of discussion, with many owners saying they were too dark at night and prevented them from being able to see anything behind them.

This feature was requested by an owner in May 2020.

Range Display

Displaying kilometres or percent for your vehicle’s range just became easier. You can now jus tap on the range display to switch between each option.

Previously you had to navigate through the several layers of menu options to do so.


Fans of Disney+ can now watch their favourite movies and shows directly in the Tesla Theater app.

Previously the only way to watch Loki or baby Yoda was through a third party website TeslaTheater.com.

UPDATE: Unfortunately Disney+ has been left out for Canadian owners. No official reason has been given but it is likely due to licensing issues.

Dashcam Improvements

If your car detects an accident or crash like event, a clip will automatically be saved the onboard memory.

Remain Connected to WiFi in Drive

A common complaint among owners was that as soon as you shifted out of park, you would lose your connection to a WiFi signal.

This is now gone on 2021.24, and as mentioned in the release notes, particularly useful for people who hotspot from their mobile device instead of subscribing to Premium Connectivity.

You can check out the official release notes below (via Reddit).

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