Tesla Cybertruck handling, 4680 charging efficiency improved in latest software update

Tesla has deployed its latest software update, and there are some notable features for the Cybertruck and Model Y with 4680 battery cells.

The updates are included in the 2024.2 software update for the Model Y and 2024.2.3 software update for the Cybertruck, both released to owners this week.

For Cybertruck owners, one of the most notable features is called “Improved Ride and Handling.” According to the release notes shared by Ben (@VoyageATXBen) on X, Cybertruck drivers can now expect “a more consistent response on different road surfaces and greater comfort on rough winding pavement in Sport Mode or when Custom Ride * Handling is set to Focused. Also expect reduced pitch and body roll in Off-Road Mode.”

Tesla has also promised to improve another driving characteristic of the Cybertruck through a software update, the turning radius, although that feature was not included in this release.

Another notable feature is called “More Efficient Charging,” and this one is going out to not only the Cybertruck, but also the Model Y with 4680 cells made at Giga Texas. The release notes indicate these vehicles will now “adjust to the power level of each DC charging station.” This will preheat the battery more effectively so that “charging can be more efficient.”

Owners of the 4680 Model Y will tell you that the charging curve on these vehicles is much slower than compared to their 2170 cell counterparts, so hopefully this feature improves charging speeds, even if just a little bit.

Other features added to the Cybertruck include many of those missed in the Holiday Update, like Custom Lock Sounds, Apple Podcasts, Tesla Arcade Updates, and more.

Finally, the software update also includes another feature that is going to all cars, not just the Cybertruck and 4680 Model Y, called “Reminder to Plug In at Home.” As the name suggests, you can now get a reminder on your phone to plug in your car when you arrive at home with less than half of your charge limit.

You can check out the full 2024.2 and 2024.2.3 release notes below.

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