Tesla’s AI Day confirmed for August 19

Elon Musk took to Twitter to confirm that Tesla’s AI Day will be on August 19. The CEO did not share any details of the event, nor if there would be any announcements or press conferences.

Previously, the CEO seemed to hint that AI Day would consist of Tesla going over its progress in AI. It would include both the hardware and software side of the company. The primary purpose of this special day for Tesla is recruitment.

Tesla previously held two special events in the past. In April 2019, Tesla had autonomy Day, where Tesla revealed its work to develop its Hardware 3.0 computer. It also included a detailed discussion on how Autopilot training was done.

Then in September 2020, Tesla held Battery Day. The company went through its battery tech and showcased its 4680 cells to the public. However, the company did not bring a sample of the new cell onstage.

Finally, this day is not for investors, and it is not for the media. According to Elon Musk, AI Day’s sole purpose is to convince the best AI talent to join Tesla.

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