Tesla hints at ‘Ticket Avoidance Mode’ in recently released videos

Tesla Ticket Avoidance Mode 2Tesla Ticket Avoidance Mode
Image via Tesla /YouTube

On the heels of the discovery that Tesla has been hiding their new tequila bottles in plain sight for several months, the automaker also recently teased a new feature possibly coming soon to their vehicles.

Last week Tesla released two short, 30-second video clip on its YouTube channel highlighting the benefits of charging at home and on the road. At the very beginning of both, Tesla quickly runs through a number of features currently available like Bioweapon Defense Mode, cabin overhead protection, driver profiles, and several more.

One feature that first caught the eye of Chris Torrella that isn’t yet available is a “Ticket Avoidance Mode”.

The idea of a possible ticket avoidance mode would be music to the ears of many Tesla drivers. How exactly Tesla would be able to implement it is the million dollar question, or more appropriately the cost of a speeding ticket question. Will Tesla make historical speed data available to drivers so you can show the police officer that pulled you over you weren’t actually speeding? Or will they come up with their own version of Waze to notify drivers that a speed trap is ahead?

Or it could be for the other kind of ticket that all drivers hate to get – parking tickets. In 2015, Tesla released this video that everyone thought was a parody, but maybe it will actually become reality, just like the Tesla Tequila (h/t @Lim_David).

If you’re excited about this feature coming soon, don’t get your hopes up too high as this isn’t the first time Tesla has snuck in a potential new feature like this. Last year to showcase all the new features in the big V10 software update, the automaker hinted at a “Car Wash Mode”. Despite being a feature that would be easy to add, it still hasn’t made its way into any of the software updates since then.

Car Wash Mode
Image via Tesla /YouTube

Let us know in the comments below how you think this potential new feature could work.

You can check out the both of the full videos below, as well as the V10 software update video hinting at Car Wash Mode.

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