Your Tesla can now detect your tire wear and tread depth – here’s how

Tesla is well known for adding new features through free over-the-air (OTA) software updates. Most of the time these additions are included in the release notes, but sometimes the automaker sneaks something in without including it in the release notes when they really should.

That’s the case with one of the latest feature discovered this weekend. Your Tesla can now tell you if your tires are wearing unevenly and if your tread depth is too low.

According to photos shared with us, a new error message appears on your screen warning you of the potential problem. It also advises you to schedule a service appointment for a tire inspection and rotation.

Naturally the question after seeing this new feature is – how is the car able to measure your tread depth? While it might seem like magic, it is actually quite simple.

You might not be able to visually notice the difference, but as your tire loses tread, it is getting smaller. When this happens the tire begins rotating faster than it was when it was new.

What your Tesla is likely doing is measuring how many times the wheel is rotating, and once it reaches a certain point it knows that the tire tread is getting low.

Similarly, if one tire is rotating faster than the other, it would also know if the tread is wearing unevenly.

According to the owners who shared this new message with us, they are on the 2021.44.5 software update.

Have you also seen this message? Are your tires wearing unevenly or have low tread? Let us know in the comments below.


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