Here’s what your Tesla see’s while on Autopilot

You probably already know that your Tesla vehicles sees a lot more than you do when it is driving for you in Autopilot mode. But just how much, and how quickly it can process what it sees, is remarkable, as seen in a newly released video by Tesla.

As part of their effort to recruit for their Autopilot AI team, Tesla has published a new page on their website with some very interesting information, including images and videos behind the scenes of Autopilot.

Probably the most interesting piece from the page is the video showing what Autopilot sees when activated. After watching the video below, it’s clear that even at this stage, Tesla’s Autopilot can see and categorize objects in its entire range of view almost instantaneously, something that no human can do. We can see it detect and classify objects like C for car and T for trash can.

Another interesting image on the page is from Tesla’s simulator. At first glance, the image appears to be a real photo taken at an interestion. But upon closer inspection, we can see it is actual CGI – and there’s even a Cybertruck in there.

Tesla Dojo

Tesla originally had a target of releasing feature complete Full Self-Driving (FSD) by the end of 2019, but that deadline came and went. In its place, Tesla released a preview of the visualizations that come with FSD in a holiday software update. Unfortunately Canadians don’t get the FSD visualization preview.

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