Watch as a Tesla Model 3 gets rear-ended at high speed, and is still able to drive away

Thanks to Tesla’s onboard cameras, we get to have a close-up look when a Model 3 is rear-ended at a fairly high rate of speed.

The incident occurred on February 13, 2020 in Washington State, about an hour south of the Peach Arch border crossing in Big Lake. The driver, Toli Leonovich, was stopped for traffic that had backed up due to a red light further ahead.

The driver of the Hyundai clearly wasn’t paying attention and comes flying into view from the rear camera. From the video it appears as though no attempt to slow down was made until the very last moment before making impact with the Model 3 (texting and driving?).

The Hyundai’s front end is completely destroyed from the impact, showing just how fast the driver was going at the time of the accident. Surprisingly the Tesla did not sustain enough damage to warrant a tow, and Leonovich was not seriously injured and was able to drive the Model 3 home.

Tesla rear end accident damage
Damage sustained from the accident. Photo by Toli Leonovich

Watch the videos below to see the different views from the Tesla’s multiple cameras.

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