Second Tesla Model Y with white interior spotted in Canada in Northern Ontario

Telsa Model Y Sudbury Superchargers

A little over 2 weeks ago the first Model Y north of the border was spotted in downtown Toronto. Later that same day, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced during the Q4 earnings call that the electric crossover SUV was ahead of schedule, and the first deliveries would happen in the US in March, and Canada in “mid-2020”.

We now have our second confirmed sighting in Canada of the upcoming Model Y. Today it was spotted in northern Ontario by Johnna Muinonen at the Sudbury Superchargers.

The prototype spotted was a black dual motor version with a white interior. This is just the second Model Y sighting with the white interior. The first was spotted last week in a blue Model Y prototype in California (upon closer inspection, this could be the same Model Y spotted in Toronto, as that one also appears to have a white interior). From the looks of it, the Model Y has been doing some extensive cold weather testing in northern Ontario.

The Model Y now has two options available to order in Canada. The Long Range (LR) version starts at $72,390, CAD and the Performance version starts at $84,390 CAD. The range on both were recently increased up to 507km, as Tesla was able to improve efficiency to make it even more efficient than the Model 3.

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