Compilation video of Tesla’s getting keyed but catching vandals on TeslaCam

Sentry mode keying

As someone who would never key anyone’s car, Tesla or not, I can never understand what goes through someone’s mind as they purposely key someone’s car. Usually these crimes happen without the perpetrator being caught, but in today’s day and age, cameras are everywhere and the criminals can’t hide forever.

One feature of Tesla vehicles that apparently many people don’t know about yet is Sentry Mode, which records activity around the vehicle using its built-in front, side, and now rear cameras (thanks to the V10 software update).

Here is a short compilation video of criminals being caught on camera red handed. The last video is particularly infuriating, as you watch the two criminals laughing and joking about what they’ve just done, and then come back for more.

Tesla Sentry Mode captures thieves ...
Tesla Sentry Mode captures thieves stealing wheels from neighbouring car
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