Tesla Dashcam captures the moment a Kia Soul gets catapulted into the air

Tesla’s Dashcam feature has captured some pretty amazing footage over the years, from light hearted moments to more serious vandalism and car crashes. The latest video however may be the most shocking we’ve seen because of just how quickly, and unexpectedly, the events unfolded.

The footage, shared by Twitter user Anoop (@Anoop_Khatra), was captured along the 118 Freeway in Los Angeles. The clip starts out depicting a typical highway scene with cars and trucks travelling down the multi-lane freeway. A few seconds into the clip a black Kia Soul can be seen passing the Tesla on the left, while at the same time a white pickup truck in the distance is moving into the adjacent lane.

Just as the unsuspecting Soul driver moves up to be side-by-side with the truck, the front left wheel of the truck dislodges. The wheel then hits the front of the Soul, but instead of crumpling the front of the car it goes underneath, sending the Soul flying at least 15 feet into the air, as if it had been catapulted off the ground and into the air.

The Soul ends up rotating through the air, with the front end coming down and striking the ground first, and then landing on its roof. Not content with the carnage it had just caused, the rogue wheel comes back into the frame and hits the rear of the Soul again for good measure.

Anoop says the driver of the Soul was able to walk away from the accident uninjured, which after seeing the footage is nothing short of a miracle.

You can check out the clip below.


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