Tesla Sentry Mode captures Porsche being rolled away by thieves

Porsche stolen caught on Sentry Mode

Tesla’s cameras are always watching, and they usually help Tesla owners capture hit and runs or vandals damaging their cars.

But it can also prove helpful to owners of vehicles nearby, as was the case for the owner of a Porsche in Spain.

The Porsche Carrera 2 was reported stolen in the early morning hours over the weekend in Castellón. Fortunately, it was parked next to a Tesla Model 3 which had Sentry Mode activated.

The videos were posted to Twitter, and it quickly went viral amassing tens of thousands of views.

After rolling it away, the thieves (at least they were wearing masks?) apparently abandoned it on the side of the road soon after, where it was spotted and recognized by a passerby.

The owner was able to retrieve it, and reported it was in good condition with no damage and nothing missing from it.

Chalk one up for the good guys, thanks Sentry Mode!

h/t [Driving.ca]

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