Watch an attempted Tesla car-jacking caught on Sentry Mode

Yesterday we showed you a video of a woman trying to take a charging Tesla Model 3 as her own, even though the owners were sitting in the car. That appeared to be a case of someone who was probably high on something, but this video takes it to a whole other level.

This happened in Buckeye Arizona, as the owner of the Tesla Model 3 was charging at a Supercharger station. It was early in the morning, 6am, so he was asleep in the back of the car while it charged. The Sentry Mode video shows a male suspect wandering around the car for an uncomfortable amount of time. He is clearly casing the vehicle, and must see the owner sleeping in the back seat.

After a while, he makes his move and enters the vehicle from the driver side door. Upon entering, he asks the owner if he can drive it, to which the owner obviously replied “What are you doing, this is my car!”. What appears to be a lengthly conversation and then struggle happen inside the vehicle off camera (Elon, please get that interior camera activated!). Then the suspect eventually breaks through the back passenger window (how did he get into the back seat?) with his feet as he couldn’t figure out how to open the door.

Fortunately the owner of the vehicle was unharmed, and the suspect was caught nearby by local police.

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