Tesla Cybertruck Gives Impressive Off-Road Demonstration in Arizona [Video]

The Tesla Cybertruck has been under scrutiny regarding its off-roading capabilities, but new videos have seemingly put those doubts to rest. The electric pickup showcased its prowess in a challenging hill climb and descent in the hills of Arizona, proving its mettle in some very demanding terrains.

In a series of videos published on YouTube, a team of Tesla engineers took three Cybertruck prototypes to tackle a steep, rutted, and rock-filled trail, which it did with remarkable ease. The video captures two successful attempts out of three (no video of the failed attempt was uploaded), highlighting the importance of maintaining momentum and traction in such scenarios, unlike some previous videos of the Cybertruck on an off-road course in California.

The hill climb was made even more impressive due to something missing that is regularly found in videos of other trucks tackling terrain like this. It was done in near silence without the roar of an internal combustion engine.

What goes up must come down, and while descending the same hill presented a more intricate task, the Cybertruck teetered back and forth but remained far from its tipping point, exhibiting stability even when three-wheeling down the hill.

These new videos are in contrast to earlier videos of the Cybertruck struggling on off-road courses. With a 17.4-inch ground clearance, 35-degree approach angle, 28-degree departure angle, and an air suspension providing an additional 12 inches of lift, these new videos go to show that the driver behind the wheel matter just as much, if not more, than the capabilities of the Cybertruck.

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