How to make your own Tesla jack pads for under $12 at Canadian Tire

Tesla jack pads from Canadian Tire

If you’re not already aware, in order to jack up your Model 3 to rotate your tires or perform any kind of service under the vehicle, you need jack pads. Why? The jack pads will prevent damage to the battery, which sits under the length of the vehicle.

There are many aftermarket options for jack pads, but they can get quite pricey, especially for a set of 4. There is this shiny looking set of 4 on Amazon for $68! Or this item on Amazon, which if you’re not paying attention, is $14.99 for only one jack pad. If you want 4, that will add up to $59.96!

Fortunately by living in Canada, there is an easy DIY solution where you can make a set of 4 jack pads, using parts from trusty Canadian Tire, in under 5 minutes (not including time spent driving to and purchasing supplies), that won’t break the bank.

First, you will need 4 generic 6 oz. hockey pucks. You can find these in the sports section at your local Canadian Tire for just $1.49 each. Basic math tells you the pucks will cost you just $5.96.

Tesla hockey puck

Now you’ll need some furniture bumpers from the home furniture section at your local Canadian Tire. I used a set of 4 Screw-On Rubber Bumpers, 7/8-in in size. It comes with 4 screws to install, and costs just $4.59.

Tesla Jackpad bumpers Canadian Tire

Now all you need to do is mark out the center of each hockey puck, and simply screw in the bumper with the provided screw. I used a manual screwdriver, and was done in less than 5 minutes for all 4 pucks.

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Add it all up, and you’ve spent less than $12, and now have piece-of-mind knowing you’ll always be prepared in case you need to jack up your Tesla (I keep mine in my trunk).

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