Prototype Tesla Model Y spotted in Vancouver, Washington

Model Y in Vancouver WA

It appears the Model Y is heading north, but not as far as Canada (yet). Today a Model Y was spotted getting a fill-up at a Supercharger in Vancouver, Washington, adding to the recent sightings of the EV in the last few days.

A user going by the name of shamus johnson spotted the Model Y charging in secrecy under a poorly sealed car cover (probably because the driver and passenger were still in the vehicle). You can clearly tell it is a Model Y with the extra height, the glimpse of the drivers door and centre pillar, and the new aero wheels. This appears to the same Midnight Silver Model Y that was spotted on the freeway in Fremont California yesterday.

Hopefully they’re going on a really long road trip to test out the endurance of the vehicle, and they make their way into Canada.

shamus tweet

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