This thief realizes at the last moment what every criminal should know by now – a Tesla is always watching

Despite years of footage capturing criminals and vandals doing their best to steal or damage Teslas, most still don’t know about Sentry Mode.

For one unfortunate would-be thief, that realization came a few seconds too late in another classic video captured by Sentry Mode.

Shared by the popular YouTube channel Wham Baam Tesla Cam, the video shows us your typical view from the side repeater camera of a Model 3. What’s not so typical is the suspect crouched over approaching the passenger side door thinking no one can see him.

As he unsuccessfully attempts to open the door, he continues to survey his surroundings to make sure no one has seen him. It is only then that he spots the tiny camera looking directly at him.

Realizing the error of his ways, he makes a hasty retreat, but not before Sentry Mode captures the perfect mugshot.

Check out the video below, and see the exact moment he hears the words, “smile, you’re on candid camera.”

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