Yet another keying of a Model 3 caught on Sentry Mode

Earlier this week we showed you a video from Surrey BC where a man, seemingly without any motive, keying a Tesla Model 3. After posting the video, the man was quickly identified as wearing a local junior hockey club’s jacket, but unfortunately his identity remains a mystery.

Now we have yet another video of a vandal being caught on Tesla’s Sentry Mode, this time at an Edmonton Eskimos CFL football game. In the video, what appears to be a red or burgundy Chevy Colorado pulls up behind a Tesla Model 3. Unfortunately, front plates are not required in Alberta, so we can’t identify the suspect that way. He exits his vehicle, walks up next to the Tesla, pulls out his keys, and walks up the driver side of the vehicle, keying it as he walks by. He then proceeds a few feet past the vehicle, where he is fortunately cuaght briefly on the front camera. He turns around, returns to his vehicle, and leaves.

One really has to wonder what is going through people’s minds when they do this. Unless we’re missing something from before this happened, the suspect just appears to pull up randomly to this Tesla, and proceeds to key it.

We’ve attempted to get a bigger, clearer shot of his face. Fortunately it’s pretty good, so it shouldn’t be difficult for someone to be able to identify him.

Internet, do you thing and help identify this keying suspect.

keying closeup

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