Tesla Sentry Mode footage helps police arrest suspect wanted for several crimes

On Thursday, a man was arrested for setting fire to the Martin Luther King Jr. Presbyterian Church in Springfield, Mass. Police used footage from a nearby Tesla to identify the subject.

Additionally, the man lit four fires in December and slashing tires of vehicles in the area.

The video from Tesla caught the accused man in the act of removing one of Tesla’s tires on December 14. The video shows the man removing the tire with a tire iron in the evening.

The police used surrounding surveillance video to further situate the man in the area during the illicit activities.

Although the video from Tesla did assist, some are questioning the privacy risk of the ability for the vessel to record. The security risk lies with outside parties potentially gaining data access and using the data for illicit means.

In fact, the Chinese government has limited the ability to park Tesla’s on state property due to the security risks. Tesla noted the cameras are not able to be active for vehicles outside of North America.

Source: Business Insider

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