Remote Camera Access setting appears in Tesla source code

Last month we told you that it appeared as though you will soon be able to livestream videos from your car’s cameras to the mobile app, after the source code hinted at the upcoming feature.

While it is still unclear when this feature will be released, it now looks like it could happen as soon as the holiday software update.

Under the Safety & Security menu, hacker @greentheonly recently discovered a new “Allow Remote Camera Access” toggle in the ‘Data Sharing’ section of the settings. When asked if the new setting was for streaming to the app, green said it was very likely the case.

There is still some uncertainty on how the new feature will actually work. Based on information we have received you should have the ability to stream videos at any time, and not just when Sentry Mode is active. What we don’t know yet is if the feature will require Tesla’s Premium Connectivity subscription, as live-streaming videos is not exactly data friendly.

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